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Eine Möwe

WITH Philipp Basener, Colin Hausberg, Fabian Kulp, Hannah Schutsch, Caroline Tyka, Mona Vojacek Koper, Vincent zur Linden
STAGE DESIGN Lili Anschütz
DRAMATURGY Christine Milz

"We need new forms. New forms - or nothing at all." EINE MÖWE is a series of momentary events, a continuously spinning merry-go-round of appearances and disappearances. It is about the dreams and desires of a new generation of young artists. They struggle for acknowledgement, for new ways in the arts. Their peers are the established icons of the art world, the old generation that won't make room the new. They appear forever young in their iconic status, with nothing to do but copy themselves.

"Mann muss das Leben nicht so darstellen, wie es ist, und nicht so, wie es sein soll, sondern wie man es sich in seinen Träumen vorstellt"
- Anton Tschechow

(The video footage is an excerpt, only the first act)

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